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Mobilize your web site

Today's audience is on the move…

…and they are not turning back. The web has gone mobile. Everday more and more users access the web from handheld devices, whether it is a tablet or mobile phone. The buzz today is a responsive web site design. Responsive web design is a web design aimed at crafting web sites that provide an optimal viewing experience with easy reading and navigation and a minimal amount of resizing, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices.

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Web Site Design & Development

Building Great Web Sites…

…since the beginnings of the internet

The web site has become the most important component of a company's marketing program. SMS Studios have been partnering with companies to create great web sites since 1997 and have developed a proven formula for success. Planning, designing, developing and promoting are among the essential steps in creating a web site that produces results.

Along with careful preparation and frequent and skillful communication between company and client throughout the entire process, there are many other items that go into an effective mix. Extensive market research, site map planning, intuitive interface design and engaging content development are among the most important.

Other web services include content management systems, ecommerce, forums, hosting, email, blogs, mobile design and whatever a project further requires.