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In Search of Clicks: SEO, SEM, and Social Media

SMS Social Connect

The SMS Social Connect package was developed to help SMB's in the B-to-B market get involved in social media without the learning curve and time investment. SMS will get your business into the conversation and generate a following.


Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing programs are similar in nature. Both are designed to get searchers to your site. But there are important differences.

SEO involves optimizing your website for higher organic rankings on the major search engines. SMS Studios will help you develop your keywords and phrases, implement a strategy, and track results.

SEM allows marketers to buy their way into higher search rankings through sponsored links. These "pay-per-click" programs requires careful implementation, and SMS Studios can help you use them effectively.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Being Everything to Everyone, Everywhere...

...is still impossible. Luckily, it's also still unnecessary.

Your company's marketing efforts can easily become overwhelmed with the growing number of digital communication technologies being introduced to industries far and wide. The idea is to stay current with what's available and figure out what works best for you. SMS Studios does exactly that for a wide range of companies everyday.

Our services and programs are designed to carefully position our clients within their respective markets and determine what gets them the most for their budget. For some, comment-based applications and social media forums are the best way to ascertain product applications, and often produce important customer feedback which refreshes site content and improves search engine optimization. For others, a simple email campaign is better.

For most, the possibilities are endless. For successful marketers, they're measurable.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has consistently proven to be a powerhouse for marketers. With a qualified list, the potential is enormous. SMS Studios can help you prepare your campaign, from list preparation to copywriting and design, right through to closing the loop with landing page creation and tracking.